Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best out of waste

One of the most interesting hobbies seen around is making unique things out of things that one will usually discard. Often, we throw away broken glass pieces, torn clothes, plastic materials and other such things that are not useful to us. But, these things can be used quite creatively to make wall hanging, mats, curtains, clocks, paintings, holders etc. 
To make curtains, you can collect rugged cloth pieces of various sizes, torn saris and other clothing material that is not of any use. Try and collect attractive colors and cut long stripes of one cm each of the cloth. If some cloth pieces are short, stick them together and make it long. You can also dye these clothe stripes or paint them with some artistic designs. Now, take three stripes and plait them together. Do this with all the stripes available. Now connect two plaits with an attractive bead or a button. You can stitch these together and put them up on your windows. 

These may also be used as decorative wall pieces. There are many other creative things that can be made from waste and gift them away to friends as gift items

Another unique craft that you can make at home is a wall hanging made from broken glass bangles. Use different colored bangles and stick them on to a canvas. Now create designs on the same and paint them with attractive colors.
Use broken glass pieces to make a creative pen holder. Carefully pick some glass pieces and color them using permanent colors. You can also design those using permanent markers. Now using a powerful adhesive, stick these glass pieces haphazardly in such a way that it becomes like a holder. Fill the empty spaces if any with beads, pictures, or other decorative materials.